Visma's Great Wish

Let's spread some holiday cheer!
from €2.500 (1%)

For tens of thousands of vulnerable children in the Netherlands it is not self-evident that they celebrate their birthday. There is no money for garlands or birthday treats at school and not even money for a present. Together with 1700 Visma colleagues we would like to create an impact for Christmas.

We want to thank the following companies and their employees for their participation:
Visma | Advitrae
Visma | Cash
Visma | Idella
Visma | Pinkweb
Visma | Plusport
Visma | Proactive
Visma | Raet
Visma | Software BV
Visma | Youserve
Visma | Yuki
Visma | Onguard

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€25 30-11-2022 | 21:44