Tulipweek: Het Vergeten Kind

Hievda Elgersma

( Lid van team: Damesdispuut Prima Vera )

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Fighting for a safe and loving environment for all children in the Netherlands, where worries and unpleasant memories are replaced by success moments and a smile.

Dutch children are amongst the happiest children in the world. However, this is just a statement based on certain statistics and unfortunately does not apply to all. Thousands of children in The Netherlands have been neglected or abused and thus forced to be placed out of house for their safety. Additionally, there are also many cases of children still living at home, who are victims of serious problems (large debts, psychological problems, substance abuse, inability of parenting) but cannot do anything about this. The consequences of such traumas includes isolation, insecurity, scaredness and anger for the children.

In order to safely develop and participate fully in society, it is crucial for a child to have a safe and pleasant environment in the best interests of the child. Therefore, Het Vergeten Kind (Forgotten Child Foundation) is committed to giving these children, who are invisible to many, a voice and opportunity to tell their story and make sure they are not forgotten in our society.

Ladies sorority Prima Vera have chosen to raise money for this powerful and important cause from the 9h-12th March. Please donate to support this incredible organisation.

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